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Rabi may refer to:
  • Rabi' al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar
  • Rabi' al-thani, the fourth month of the Islamic calendar
  • Rabi al-Abrar, are classical books written about Islam
  • Rabi crop, spring harvest in India
  • Rabi cycle, in physics is the cyclic behaviour of a two-state quantum system in the presence of an oscillatory driving field. See: Isidor Isaac Rabi
  • Rabi Island, volcanic island in northern Fiji
  • Rabi problem, concerns the response of an atom to an applied harmonic electric field, with an applied frequency very close to the atom's natural frequency
  • Rabi or Lavi, character from the D. Gray-man manga series
  • Rábí, castle in the Czech Republic
  • Rabí, village in the Czech Republic



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